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BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, Rear 2006-10

Öhlins rear shock part #BM 606

Type Code: S46PR1C1Q1S

The shock's type code tells you what its features and specifications are:

P - Piggy back reservoir

R1 - Adjustable rebound

C1 - Adjustable compression

L - Adjustable length

S - Hose mounted spring preload adjuster

Shocks come from the Öhlins factory with a spring optimized for a 175 lb (80 kg) rider. Provide us with the rider's weight to have the shock optimized for that rider. Image is representative of the shock type listed. Variations in mounting, reservoir position, and other factors will be correct to fit your model's specific requirements.

-Gas pressurized type of shock absorber with external piggy back reservoir. -Damping is set with the knob, which have a normal right hand thread. By turning it clockwise the damping action is increased, and by turning it counter clockwise it is reduced. The knob have definite positions with noticeable "clicks", making it easy to count to the right setting. -The compression damping adjuster is located at the reservoir. -Öhlins revolutionary Patented progressive damping system with two pistons. At the end of the suspension travel extra damping force is generated by the second piston, to prevent bottoming. -Hose mounted hydraulic spring preload adjuster. With this device you can change the preload for the spring.

When ordering, please give us your riding weight, passenger weight and percentage of time on the machine, and gear weight as well as percentage of time you carry your gear in the "Comments" section so we can ensure the shock is setup correctly for you.  Please call or write if you have any questions.

Ohlins R1200GS Adventure S46PR1C1Q1S Rear Shock Absorber Produced by Ohlins of Sweden

Price: $1,338.00