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BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, Rear 2006-10

Ă–hlins rear shock part #BM 943

Type CodeS46DR1S

The shock's type code tells you what its features and specifications are:

P - Piggy back reservoir

R1 - Adjustable rebound

C1 - Adjustable compression

L - Adjustable length

S - Hose mounted spring preload adjuster

Shocks come from the Ă–hlins factory with a spring optimized for a 175 lb (80 kg) rider. Provide us with the rider's weight to have the shock optimized for that rider. Image is representative of the shock type listed. Variations in mounting, reservoir position, and other factors will be correct to fit your model's specific requirements.

Your BMW R1200GS Adventure should function on both dirt roads and asphalt roads, for both off-road riding that’s a bit rougher, and comfortable cruising along tarmac roads. At Öhlins we have therefore developed this shock absorber that satisfies these apparently conflicting demands.

Like all shocks from Ă–hlins, those developed for Dual Sport are based on advanced technology, special materials and careful testing. Dual Sport shocks are based technically on motorcross and enduro with all that is involved in terms of handling extreme pressures over a long period. However, they differ from them primarily in that they are tested and optimally adjusted so that they also have great comfort and safety when riding on asphalt. By improving the performance of these shocks, they are therefore able to handle forest trails, dirt roads and surfaced public roads.

The shock for the BMW R1200GS Adventure is tailor-made for this bike. For instance, besides functioning on “raw” surfaces with respect to bottoming resistance, they also provide excellent comfort, stability and balance, both off-road and on surfaced roads.

Due to the fact that Dual Sport bikes have to deal with such widely varying areas of use, we have naturally fitted the shocks for these bikes with a very broad range of adjustments.

You are consequently able to do some off-road riding in the morning, and load up your panniers and hit the road in the afternoon, using the same shocks with their excellent qualities and durability the whole time.

Price: $954.00